Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We love our cousins! Ella and Ash are really lucky that their cousins live so close and we get to see them often. Here are some cute picts from this year-- good memories. There are 16 all together but not all are shown here- sorry!
Halloween! Baby Krew, Trey, Ella, James, Allison, and Ashton
Ella, Kate, and Abby- aren't they pretty!
Ashton and baby Miles
Ashton and James- the alligator and ninja!
Ella and Kate- or Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty!
Ashton and Allison- both enjoying the remotes!
Ella and baby Krew- less than 24 hrs old!
Ashton and Trey- or should I say an alligator and Buzz Lightyear!
Ella, Kennedy, and Kallye
Ashton and Allison- the "kissing cousins"

Ella and James- They really have a special bond. They say they "aren't just cousins, but best friends!"
Ella and Kennedy
Ashton and William


One thing I have tried to do this year is work on my sense of humor and have a little patience! Instead of jumping to my anger mode, I have tried to laugh to myself and grab the camera! Here are some examples of times when I thought I would lose it, but instead, made a memory by taking a picture! KIDS!

Check out the purple nail polish! Ella thought she would paint a little more than her fingernails and toenails! I found her sitting in the sink (notice the water in the sink) trying to scrub it off before I would notice what she was doing. Let's just say, she had a purple leg for a day or two before it would all come off!
Ashton somehow got into Ella's dinner and made a mash potato mess! He got it all over himself, the carpet and of course, the couch! I guess it is his way of finger painting!
Don't you love this face. He knows he is in trouble! Ashton loves to open the pantry and pull out all the food. We finally had to give in and get locks on the pantry door, but he still tries to open it! I guess he will try anything for food!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Halloween this year was a week long event! We started the week with a party with a few of Ella's friends. We served up some "bloody fingers" and some worms in the dirt! We had a lot of fun crafts and the kids got an extra day to dress up in their costumes! It was fun, fun, fun!


We made a "SPIDER PUMPKIN" for Halloween. Ella thought this was even more fun than carving pumpkins. It's hard to see but he had googly eyes and a smile. Ella called him our "pet". I think we will try to turn him into a turkey for Thanksgiving!


To kick off HALLOWEEN, Ella's preschool class had a field trip! She got to walk through a pumpkin patch and choose a pumpkin, go on a corn maze, have a wagon ride around the farm and enjoy some really fun activities. The best part was it was FREE! I was able to go with her and had a lot of fun watching her have fun and interact with her teachers and friends.

Friday, December 5, 2008

UPDATE-- finally!

I thought I would start blogging again since it has been since Easter that I last did it and my kids are growing up so fast! I love looking at everyone's blogs and know that several of you have asked when I was going to update mine. Well, here I go. Below are some of the fun picts I found from this past year. There are a lot more but this is a start!


Ella was quite the Ballerina! We were so proud of her. She started Ballet
and instantly loved it. Her teacher is soooo good with the kids. She is a professional ballerina and really instills the art of ballet in the kids at such a young age. Ella had her 1st performance at the University of Utah. There was even a pianist and vocalist who accompanied the girls as they danced. It was really fun for me to see her on the stage and she even through in a "bow" on her own at the end of her performance! She really reminds me of myself at this age. She seemed to love performing and boy did she look cute!

It was so fun to help Ella get ready for her big day!
I loved slicking back her very short hair into a tiny bun and
doing her makeup! Good thing she liked it too! What a little
princess ballerina!